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How toxic are your cleaners?

Enough with the chemicals already! We need to start cleaning cleaner, and by that we mean cleaning greener. We are not hard-core tree hugging people (god bless em'), but like you we care for our family, our health and the area we live in.

We’re glad you are joining the trend and moving toward eco friendly cleaning products. It’s a smart move. Not only will it make your home a healthier place for you and the kids, but you will likely save money immediately.

Did you know that there are ingredients in your house right now that will get it looking as good as any commercial cleaner? It is true. We have been conditioned since the 1940’s to think the only way we can get our house clean is with chemical based cleaners.

You know the cleaners we are talking about. They are likely in your closet right now with a poison symbol on them. Many of them contain toxic ingredients that have been proven to cause damage to not only people, but the environment as well.

We’re talking nasty stuff too. Some commercial cleaners have chemicals that have been directly linked to cancer, asthma and fertility problems. This is on top of proven linkages to skin, tissue and organ damage.

Who needs it?

Luckily there is an answer. Green house cleaning products can help reduce exposure to toxic chemicals. This means your kids will likely show less symptoms of asthma, skin irritations and eye irritations around the house. Oh, and those cancer causing ingredients will be long gone as well.

Thankfully people all over the world are starting to go green and are cleaning cleaner. Products with toxic chemicals are being banished from homes, schools and workplaces everywhere you look. It only makes sense.

Think of the cleaning outfit you have. It likely consists of rubber gloves, long pants, a long sleeve shirt, something to cover your head and possibly a mask. This is to provide you protection from the chemicals in cleaning products. It says you should wear these things right on the bottle of many commercial cleaners!


It’s crazy to us at Cleaning Naked that there are warning labels on cleaning products. Think about it. They are supposed to be getting rid of bad things in our home. They are not supposed to be adding harmful residue that can potentially make us sick!

What’s the point of cleaning?

Well...according to this house cleaning services Toronto company,, the other thing that bugs us about chemical based cleaners is this; the label on the bottle often falls well short of telling us what is actually in the cleaner. If the products are safe then why aren’t the manufacturers touting that fact? Call us suspicious, but it creeps us out.

We have responded with an underground movement to begin the banishment of all chemical based cleaners from our homes. We want to clean with products that won’t put our families at risk. We want the ability to be able to clean naked and not have to worry about it!


Think of this. With the commercial based cleaners in your home today, if you wanted to houseclean naked, could you? Would you risk a little splash of sodium hydroxide here or there? Our money says your current cleaners have stuff that would not favorably react to neither here nor there.

But by golly, if you want to do your cleaning naked you should be able to. Forget having to wear rubber gloves, masks, long pants and long-sleeve shirts. Let's break the shackles put on us by harsh cleaning chemicals and go "au natural" (natural cleaning products that is).

We’ll leave the wardrobe up to you. ;)

The folks at Cleaning Naked have been touched by events in our lives that have inspired us to start cleaning cleaner. Our goal is to simply lay out facts and advice to show you how easy it is to start "cleaning greener".

It is your choice. You know what is best for you, your family, your pets, and your neighbors (even if some of them can be irritating!).

Cleaning naked means cleaning without chemicals. It's easier than you think.

Take the cleaning naked challenge! Let’s commit to cleaning cleaner and start cleaning greener. Together we will change the face of housework and make "cleaning cleaner" a whole lot of fun.

Now, get rid of those chemical products and let's get naked!

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